Breeder of quality pure locality boas, with emphasis on Insular localities, Amazon Tree Boas and various Candoia species.

Imperial Boids

Hog Island Boas were born last week, winning the title of first litter of the year. This year I expect a litter of Amazon Tree Boas (Pairing red eyed tri-colour male to copper coloured garden female) in early July.  I also hope for a litter of Solomon Island Ground Boas (Candoia paulsoni) in the fall.  I recently had a litter of New Guinea Viper Boas (Candoia aspera) from an imported female.  I may have one or two available in the future.

Whats new?  We've recently added New Guinea Viper Boas (Candoia aspera) and Pearl Islands Boas (Boa constrictor sabogae) to our to our collection.

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