Imperial Boids

Our History


At Imperial Boids I am dedicated to providing outstanding animals and service.  I have been keeping and breeding various types of reptiles for over 25 years and purchased my first breeding group of Hog Island Boas in the mid 90's.  I have always had a strong interest in locality and Insular boas.  I'm currently working with Hog Island Boas, Caulker Cay Boas, Pearl Island's Boas, Amazon Tree Boas, Solomon Islands Tree Boas and New Guinea Viper Boas.  We also have a few Crested Geckos that have been producing babies.

I also have a growing collection of Amazon Tree Boas.  These boas are so variable, even without the addition of genetic morphs.  These are the only boas I keep with any genetic morphs and have been working with the tiger gene for several years.

I'm also working with 3.1 Solomon Islands Tree Boas (Candoia bibroni australis).  These are very cool looking animals that are capable of significant color changes.  In 2022 I was the first Canadian who successfully produced a litter.  So far the babies are doing great, although I don't expect them to take food on their own for several months.  There have only been a handful of keepers to successfully produce these, so I'm feeling pretty accomplished.

My viper boas that were born here are nearly ready to breed with my adult, so hopefully I'll be able produce more of them soon.

Payment and Shipping

Canadian shipping available via Reptile Express at purchasers expense.

Payment by cash or e-mail transfer.