Adult female in dark phase

Imperial Boids

Pacific Boas (Candoia)

Solomon Islands Ground Boas​ - Candoia paulsoni

Adult female in light phase

Solomon Islands Tree Boa - Candoia bibroni australis

Solomon Islands Tree Boas are part of the unique family of Candoia.  Candoia are small to medium snakes residing in the Solomon Islands archipelago.  They are believed to have rafted to the area which also houses the Fiji Island Iguana which similarly is separated geographically from its relatives. 

The Solomon tree boas grow 4-7 feet, have a unique head shape, considerable colour changing ability and comes in a wide variety of colours.  They a quite shy, but make calm and elegant display animals.

I currently own three males and one adult female.  I hope to breed them in the near future.  This would be an accomplishment, since captive bred individuals are virtually non-existent.  We are excited that our female appears gravid and hope for a litter later this fall (2019).